The Pentecostal Faith Assembly Church is an apostolic pentecostal congregation founded in the city of Philadelphia, Pa. in 1955 by the late Pastor Helen Campbell. Having been saved since 1920, Evangelist Campbell served faithfully under the pastorates of the Late Elder John Basden, Elder Isaac Hall (with whom she was tarrying when he received the Holy Spirit), and District Elder Alexander Nichols.

Evangelist Campbell began her preaching ministry in 1928. Through the years, she served as an active witness, teacher, missionary and Women’s director. Receiving the call to pastor, Evangelist Campbell prayerfully sought the guidance and approval of her pastor, District Elder Nichols of Pentecostal Bridegroom Church, who preached at the opening service of the Pentecostal Faith Assembly Church on Sunday, July 17, 1955. The church was established in a small building, which consisted of the sanctuary and one lavatory, at 2108 Montgomery Avenue in North Philadelphia.

After the opening service, Evangelist Campbell soon realized that the church had a grand membership of one – she was the only one besides the Lord! Through diligent prayer and canvassing of the neighborhood, the church soon began to grow, particularly the Sunday School. Souls were baptized in Jesus’ name and filled with the Holy Spirit. The church expanded to such an extent that larger facilities were needed. As the ministry expanded, Pentecostal Faith Assembly Church became a welcome platform to many international missionaries and evangelists

In the year 1964, the church relocated to its present location at 5347-53 Pulaski Avenue in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. Pastor Helen Campbell exchanged one key for 26 keys! Many ministries were established within the church. Pastor Helen Campbell served faithfully until March 1993, when God called her from labor to rest at 93 years of age, having lived her life preaching, teaching, evangelizing, baptizing, and serving God in an exemplary fashion.

In June of 1993, Evangelist Brenda Cuthbertson (granddaughter of the Late Pastor Helen Campbell) was elected and approved by the membership at large to serve as the succeeding pastor and continues to lead this congregation to date.